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Bookings and inquiries for Steam Locomotives

Dai­Tetsu Sales Team (Office Hours: 09:00­-17:00)
Telephone: +81(0)54-7­45­-4112

Important Ticketing Information for International Travellers and Foreign Residents Residing in Japan

Please kindly note that our DAY OUT WITH THOMAS™ event is exclusively marketed to the Japanese domestic market and tickets cannot be purchased from abroad.

Tickets for Thomas the Tank Engine are sold exclusively on Lawson Ticket, and Oigawa Railway cannot accept direct reservations. Foreign residents may purchase Thomas the Tank Engine tickets via Lawson Ticket, but please be aware that their website is only available in Japanese, and English support is severely limited.

Steam Train Ticket Reservations for trips after 16th Dec. 2022

Due to severe track damage from Typhoon No. 15 in September 2022, steam trains will only run between Shin-Kanaya and Ieyama Stations from 16th Dec 2022. We are currently accepting seat reservations online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which trains are running today?

Oigawa Railway operates 4 Steam Locomotives, but due to its delicate mechanics, we cannot pre­announce which ones will be running. This is the same for local trains.

Are there toilets on the trains?

There is a carriage with facilities connected to the Steam(Electric) Locomotive Express train, but there are no hand rails. There are no toilets on the local trains.

How do you buy tickets at an un­staffed station ?

Most stations are not staffed. You are required to pay for your travel when you finish your journey, so please do not forget to pick up a boarding ticket when you ride on the train. The following 7 stations are staffed: Kanaya, Shin­-Kanaya, Ieyama, Suruga­Tokuyama, Senzu, Okuizumi and Ikawa.

I am stuck in traffic and cannot make it for the Steam Locomotive train. What should I do?

You can take the local train from Shin­-Kanaya Station, and take the Steam Locomotive back from Ieyama Station.

Tomei Expressway ­ Sagara Makinohara I.C. 14:30 Shin­-Kanaya 15:00 Shin-­Kanaya 15:14 Ieyama15:42 →(SL)→ Shin­-Kanaya 16:11
Shin­Tomei Expressway ­ Shimada Kanaya I.C. 14:30 Shin­-Kanaya 15:00

Can I travel with my pets?

You are required to buy a single possession's ticket (270 yen) for your pets. Please make sure they are kept in a carrier throughout the journey.
※ If you are traveling on both lines (Oigawa Main Line and Ikawa Line), you are required separate tickets for each.

Can I travel with my bike?

As above, you are required to buy a single possession's ticket (270 yen) for your bike.
※ If you are travelling on both lines (Oigawa Main Line and Ikawa Line), you are required to buy 2 tickets as noted above.

Can I board the trains with my wheelchair?

We would ask your wheelchairs to be folded when boarding Steam Locomotives. We regret that wheelchairs, which cannot be folded, are not allowed on board. All foldable wheelchairs can be taken on local trains. As for electric wheelchairs please do not hesitate to contact us before your journey.

What time in advance should I be there?

Please be at the station at least 30 mins prior to the departure.

When is Thomas operating?

From 6/26-10/19 for this year 2020, for 68 days (total of 136 operations).

How do you apply for a group discount?

Passengers travelling with over 15 people are eligible for a group discount. Please send in an application with the following information 2 weeks before your journey:

① Group Name
② Company Name(You can leave this blank, if traveling as a private group )
③ Contacts (Telephone/Fax)
④ Name of the person responsible
⑤ Number of people (Adult/Child)
⑥ When you are planning to take the Steam Locomotive and for which route
⑦ When you are planning to take the Abt system Train and for which route
⑧ When you are planning to take the local train and for which route
⑨ When you are planning to take the Sumatakyo Onsen Line and for which route
⑩ When you are planning to take the Kanzo/Sesso Line and for which route
⑪ Payment Methods
⑫ Itinerary for your trip (optional)

Telephone: +81(0)547454112
Fax : +81(0)547454116