The story behind the railway…its history

The Oigawa Main Line was launched in March, 1925 to facilitate a electric power plant upstream and to carry material.

The entire line, from Kanaya station to Senzu, was operational in 1931. This transformed people’s lives which depended on boats, horses and foot to get to places.

In 1959, Ikawa Line, also known as Southern Alps Abt Line, was launched using a private line owned by Chubu Electric Company. Steam Locomotives were introduced in 1976, the first in Japan, and has enjoyed its popularity since then – especially among tourists.

Thomas the Tank Engine started running in 2014, followed by other countries in Asia. This was based on collaboration between the skills to run Steam Locomotives, which was cultivated over the years, and a world famous brand.

We will keep on challenging our mission to sustain and inherit Japan’s industrial heritage and to provide peoples’ means of transport.