Keeping Steam Locomotives running… "Dynamic Storage"

Have you seen a Steam Locomotive in a park? That is called "Static Storage. The beauty of Steam Locomotives are, however, seen when they are actually running. To demonstrate its beauty and technology by operating its function is called "Dynamic Storage". Oigawa Railway runs Steam Locomotives throughout the year, almost every day, as dynamic storage experts.

Otetsu’s skills

Steam Locomotives are like "vintage cars"

To revitalise Steam Locomotives made in the early 30s requires a lot of skills. When we first started this project back in 1976, we invited some experienced engineers who used to work for the National Rail in Japan. 30 years have passed and all of them have retired, but the skills have been passed on to the younger generation who runs the trains today.

How to keep them running…

Some of the skills to run a Steam Locomotive are almost impossible to bring back to life. Our professional maintenance team looks after the trains not to let them go. In some cases we ask train fanatics to help us with parts, which are not available any longer.

That is how precious this experience is.


Maintenance workshop

Come and take a look!

Are you interested in seeing how the Steam Locomotives are looked after? Why not book a trip to the maintenance workshop at Shin­Kanaya Station?