Explore Loco Plaza

Loco Museum is inside Loco Plaza, displaying old Steam Locomotives.
It is also a place to sit and put your feet up.


Steam Locomotive IZUMO

The German­made Steam Locomotive was running on Ichibata Light Railway for Nanao cement factory in Shimane prefecture.

It was made in Koppel, 1921 and weighs 12.8 t.


Steam Locomotive 1257

This Steam Locomotive was running on the private line which belonged to Japan Stainless’ Naoetsu Factoy in Niigata.

It was built in 1921, in Koppel, Germany. It weighs 21.5 t.

SuRoFu Model 1

This stylish train ran on Ikawa Line and carried up to 16 passengers.

It was built in 1953 by Teikoku Syaryo, weighing 6.5 t.

Old Station Building

We have recreated a 1930s ­1940s station building with a nostalgic touch.

Old­fashioned telephone box and postbox

〔Tancho Model Telephone Box〕This telephone box is known with its red top, like a Tancho Crane.

〔Postbox Roundtype Model 1〕The red postbox has been used since 1924, and still can been seen in towns along the Oigawa Railway.

Mirror with Adverts

You might have seen a mirror framed with advertisements in an old Japanese film. This mirror was actually used at Shimo­Izumi station until recently.