Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine has enjoyed its popularity since its launch in 2014. Enjoy the excitement with your family and friends!

Important Ticketing Information for International Travellers and Foreign Residents Residing in Japan

Please kindly note that our DAY OUT WITH THOMAS™ event is exclusively marketed to the Japanese domestic market and tickets cannot be purchased from abroad.

Thomas the Tank Engine tickets are sold exclusively on Lawson Ticket and Asoview, and Oigawa Railway cannot accept direct reservations. Foreign residents may purchase Thomas the Tank Engine tickets via Lawson Ticket or Asoview, but please be aware that their websites are only available in Japanese, and English support is severely limited.

Thomas the Tank Engine runs between Shin-Kanaya station and Kawane-onsen-sasamado Station. Passengers may only board and alight at Shin-Kanaya and Ieyama station.

Scedule in 2024

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Timetable of Thomas


Shin-kanaya 9:30 DEP → Kawane-onsen-sasamado(Return) → Ieyama 10:36 ARR/10:41 DEP → Shin-kanaya 11:09 ARR


Shin-kanaya 12:34 DEP → Kawane-onsen-sasamado(Return) → Ieyama 13:29 ARR/13:34 DEP → Shin-kanaya 14:02 ARR

【No.3】 ※Run only on July and August

Shin-kanaya 15:08 DEP → Kawane-onsen-sasamado(Return) → Ieyama 16:03 ARR/16:08 DEP → Shin-kanaya 16:35 ARR

How to enjoy your ride

Train announcement

Thomas will greet you when you board the train and before you leave.
He will be puffing throughout the journey, too!

Thomas fair in Senzu

During the season, Hiro, Percy and James will be waiting displayed at Senzu Station. You can take a picture with all three of them.
※Passengers without at valid ticket from or to Senzu station must purchase an admisson ticket (150 JPY / person) to enter Senzu station.

Thomas Fair

During the season, you can take a look at how Thomas is looked after at the maintenance factory next to Shin-Kanaya Station.

Admission fee is 400 yen for a child over 6 years or an adult

Bento Boxes

If you are taking the Steam Locomotives at Shin-Kanaya Station, don’t forget to pick up your bento boxes from the shops. They are full of local goodness and will put a smile on your face once you lift that lid up.

Other services

There are some items you can only buy on the Steam Locomotives. When you hear the shopping cart coming, take a closer look.

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