Abt System Trains

Trains slowly run through the upstream of Ikawa and Oku-Oi. The railway itself was built for construction work and now is one of the main tourist attractions in Oku-Oi. Enjoy your journey on these red−colored delightful trains.


What is Abt System?

Abt System Railway was developed for mountain railways and was named after Carl Roman Abt, a Swiss mechanical engineer who invented it back in the 1880s. Southern Alps Abt Railway is the only railway in Japan using this system. It is a part of the Rack System which has been used in America since 1869 and is well known as a tourist attraction in Switzerland. The trains can go up and down the steep mountains with its rack wheel pinions meshing with a toothed rack running in the middle of the railway.


Southern Alps Abt Line’s initial mission was to carry resources to build a water power plant. Small carriages are used as there are many turns along the mountain valley and the tunnels are narrow, too.

During the sightseeing season, you can enjoy the view from the observation cars.

Abt System Locomotives

Between Abt Ichishiro station and Nagashima Dam station is the steepest railway running in Japan. Here we connect to an Abt System Electric Locomotive. You can leave the train at both stations to see how it is connected.

Train announcement

A conductor will guide you through your journey pointing out the unmissable views from the train.

Oku-Oi’s scenery

The train will run through an area which has been recognised as part of Southern Eco Park. The views from Oku-Oi Kozyo Station and Seki no Sawa Bridge are spectacular.