Places of interest along the railway

Here are some interesting places and beautiful views you can visit on our trains.

Places of interest

Sakura in Ieyama


The cherry blossoms along the bank are spectacular in spring time. Why not take a walk around Ieyama station?

Nukuri in early summer


Vast green tea fields spread across Nukuri. Leaves are bright green in May. Enjoy the soft and sweet smell along with the summer breeze.

Autumn leaves in Sumata-kyo


The view from Yume no Tsuribashi is popular in autumn for its colours. A paper lantern festival is also held during the season.

Exclusive views

Oku-Oi Kojo station


An unstaffed station in the middle of Sesso-kyo. Only Abt System Trains can take you to this secret spot.

Abt Ichishiro station


This is the only station in Japan you can see Abt System Trains being connected. A special experience.

Raccoon village


Raccoons made in Shigaraki will greet you at Kamio station. See if they wave back at you.

Onsen / Hot springs

Kawane Onsen


Near Kawane Onsen Sasamado station. You can see the Steam Locomotives due to the location. There are places to stay, too.

Sumata-kyo Onsen


30-minute bus ride from Okuizumi station. The water is slimy and believed to be good for your skin.

Sesso-kyo Onsen


Abt System Trains will take you to this secret spot. The clear and thick water is thought to encourage rejuvenation.