Local Trains

Retired trains from all over Japan come here to start their second career.
Relax and sit back on these local trains and enjoy the scenery along the river.

How to enjoy local trains in Dai-Tetsu style

Ko-ken / Tickets

The tickets used on Oigawa Railway are made from hard cardboard, which is now very rare. Ask the conductor if you can keep them after your journey.

Various carriages

There are three different types of trains running on Oigawa Railway as local trains. They have not only unique exteriors but also unique interiors. Take a closer look at the details such as the seat and the handles which are different from the city trains’ ones.

Retro all throughout

Among the 19 stations along Oigawa Main Line, some remain exactly the same since they were built. Taking the local trains is the best way to appreciate how the time flows.