Steam Locomotives & Electric Loco Hauled Heritage Trains

Oigawa Railway is renowned as Japan’s pioneer in steam preservation. Embark on a journey along the Oigawa River Valley and foothills of the Japanese Southern Alps, all while taking in the quintessential Japanese countryside scenery from our heritage passenger carriages. The breeze flowing through the windows, lush greenery, and gentle rhythm of the rails are bound to make your rail trip a memorable one!
In addition to our flagship steam locomotive hauled trains, rustic electric locomotive hauled heritage trains have been a massive hit for domestic trainspotters and rail enthusiasts.

Embark on a Time-Trip on our Heritage Trains

Flagship Fleet of Steam Locomotives

Our fleet of four steam locomotives running on Oigawa Main Line were manufactured back in the 1930s. Listen to their whistles – can you tell the difference?

Rustic Electric Locos

Our fleet of boxcab electric locomotives usually act as “pusher” locomotives for heavier steam trains, but their time to shine has come. Since 2019, we operate electric locomotive hauled trains on a semi-regular basis.
These trains recreate the day-to-day passenger trains in the 1940’s to 1960’s Japan, in an era when multiple unit trains have not been introduced to widespread passenger service on the Japanese National Railways.

 Going retro

Some of the passenger carriages are from the 1950s. Wooden seats and old fans tell a story from the Showa period. Occasionally they are used for films and TV shootings for its unique atmosphere.

Bento Boxes

If you are taking the Steam Locomotives at Shin-Kanaya Station, don’t forget to pick up your bento boxes from the shops. They are full of local goodness and will put a smile on your face once you lift the lid up.

Other services

There are some items you can only buy on the Steam Locomotives. When you hear the shopping cart approaching, take a closer look!