Love Steam Locomotives? Try out our Senzu ­course!

You can enjoy the ride both ways and also have a chance to try out the Abt System Trains at Senzu station.



Leave Kanaya Station, which is connected to JR Tokaido Line, for Shin­Kanaya Station.
Check out the bento boxes on the way to the Steam Locomotive platform.

Enjoy your lunch on the ride!
Final stop, Senzu! Next to the station you will find a cafe, Otogi no Sato. 3 mins walk.
There are many events held at Otogi no Sato.
Admission Fee: Adults 500 yen / Child 300 yen Opening Hours: 10:00­1630
Closed on Tuesdays
Make your way to Ryogoku Bridge. It is a spectacluar sight (if you are not scared of heights). 20 mins walk.
Enjoy a ride on an Abt System Train from Kawane Ryogoku Station to Senzu Station.
Pop into one of the shops for a special souvenir. The Stream Locomotive for the way back will leave in 30 mins.
Enjoy the afternoon breeze and sunshine on the Steam Locomotive.
For those heading back to Kanaya Station, take the JR Tokai Line from the same station

A perfect ticket for this course

Otogi no Sato special offer

Unlimited rides on local trains and admission fee for Otogi no Sato.
For Steam Locomotives, express ticket is also required.