Let’s go to Sesso­-kyo Onsen on Abt System Trains

Connecting operations at Abt Ichishiro Station and the view of Nagashima Dam are the highlights of this trip.




Leave Kanaya Station, which is connected to JR Tokaido Line, for Shin­Kanaya Station.

Enjoy your lunch on the ride!

Final stop, Senzu. There will be no toilets on the Abt System Trains.

Enjoy your ride on the Abt System Train.

Once the trains are connected, it will start climbing up the steep hills.

Nagashima Dam was completed in 2002. It is the biggest along Oi River.

In the middle of Rainbow Bridge stands Oku­Oi Kojo Station.

Welcome to Sesso­kyo Onsen Station.

Within 10 mins walk, you will find the hot spring full of goodness.

There is an archive museum, "Yamabiko".

Admission Fee: Adults 200 yen / Child 100 yen Opening Hours: 0900­16:30 Closed on Tuesdays

Enjoy the ride down the hill!

If you are going back to Shin­Kanaya or Kanaya Station, look for the local trains.



A perfect ticket for this course

Roundtrip for Kanzo/Senzu

Unlimited rides on Oigawa Main Line (Kanaya Station to Senzu Station) and Southern Alps Abt Line (Senzu Station to Sesso­kyo Onsen Station) and Kanzo Line Buses/ Steam Locomotive Express tickets are required for Steam Locomotive rides.