Enjoy your trip along the river ­ Sumata­kyo Onsen Course

Steam Locomotives, Abt System Trains, local trains and buses. Unlimited rides on all to head to Sumata-kyo Onsen across two days.



Leave Kanaya Station, which is connected to JR Tokaido Line, for Shin­Kanaya Station.
Check out the bento boxes on the way to the Steam Locomotive platform.
Here we change to an Abt System Train.
Enjoy the ride through the Alps. The view of Nagashima Dam is stunning!
Leave the train at this station for a dip
Sesso­kyo Onsen Kaikan is 8 mins walk from the station
Hop back on the train
Leave the train for a local bus
You will arrive at Sumata­kyo Onsen in approximately 30 mins.



Take a brisk walk to "Yume no Tsuri­bashi" after breakfast. The view from the bridge is breathtaking.

Take the bus back to Senzu station

Why not hit the noodle stand at the station for lunch? If you prefer to spend more time at Senzu, there is a local train leaving at14:35 which will arrive at Kanaya Station at15:46.

Local trains will take you back to where the journey began.

You can buy souvenirs, including Dai­Tetsu original items, at Plaza Loco.



A perfect ticket for this course

Roundtrip for Kanzo/Senzu

Unlimited rides on Oigawa Main Line (Kanaya Station to Senzu Station) and Southern Alps Abt Line (Senzu Station to Sesso­kyo Onsen Station) and Kanzo Line Buses/ Steam Locomotive Express tickets are required for Steam Locomotive rides.