Dai-Tetsu’s oldest train built in 1930.
The only existing C10 model locomotive.

Built in 1930 by Kawasaki Sharyo. After running in Shin-Koiwa
area, it was relocated to other places and was took out of service
in 1961 in Aizu Wakamatsu. It came back to life in 1987 as SL
Rias in Miyako-shi and was sent to Oigawa Railway in 1994 by
Rasa Industries, Ltd. in Miyako, Iwate. It has been running on our
railways since 14th October1997.

Main specs

  • Length : 12.65m
  • Width : 2.936m
  • Height : 3.940m
  • Weight : 69.70t(Unladen weight : 55.51t)