A Steam Locomotive sent abroad, running
in Thailand during the war.

Built in 1936 by Mitsubishi, it started its career in Sapporo. However, as soon as the Pacific War kicked off, it was allocated to the army sent to Southeast Asia and was sent to Thailand. While many trains were heavily damaged during the war, it was lucky enough to survive. In 1979, C56 Model 31 and 44 came back to Japan from Thailand. 44 joined Oigawa Railway, whilst 31 was sent to Tokyo to be stored at Yasukuni Shrine.

In order to mark the 120th anniversary of Japan-Thailand diplomatic relations, it was painted in Thailand’s national railway colours in 2007 and has been repainted back into Japanese national railway’s colours since 29th January 2011.

Main specs

  • Length : 14.325m
  • Width : 2.936m
  • Height : 3.900m
  • Weight : 37.63t(Unladen weight : 34.27t)
  • Tender Weight : 27.90t(Unladen weight : 12.90t)